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ZŠ HAVÍŘOV-PODLESÍ SCHOOL, MLÁDEŽNICKÁ is a community of staff, students, parents and management pursuing excellence in all its educational undertakings.

The students are children from the age of six , teenagers and adults. The institution provide diurnal, nocturnal education and on-line education (via skype).
The number of students approximates about 600 in 22 classes.

The most of students live in the uban area from Ostrava. It is located on the north eastern of the Czech republic.

The school offers each student the opportunity to develop her abilities and talents and so reach her full potential in a caring environment.


  • a respectful communication in french, english, german and russian
  • a deep respect for academic excellence, intellectual pursuits and independent thought social ease, self-discipline and social skills to deal with the responsibilities of adulthood
  • a spirit of equality and justice prompting an awareness of one’s duties towards others, towards society and towards the natural world
  • a lively interest in diverse artistic, creative, cultural and sporting activities
  • a continual inservice training and education towards staff development and support, thus preserving the traditional, professional standards within the school
  • a fostering of links between home, school and the wider community.


Presentation education is centred on the formation of the whole person. Our curriculum is designed so that each student is a valued member of our school and later becomes a confident, well-adjusted and fulfilled member of the wider community. All our aims are achieved in a spirit of cooperation, shared responsibility, respect and goodwill.


For more details contact us:

Phone: +420 596 411 063

E-mail: vedeni@zsmladeznicka.cz