So my 8 months at ZS Mladeznicka is nearly up and I move on to my next English teaching adventure in the Czech Republic with a sad heart as I’ve grown to feel a part of this fantastic school and the community around it. The English teachers I’ve partnered up with in classes have all been amazing in grammar but together I hope our teamwork on improving pronunciation with my knowledge of how English is practiced in Britain has been insightful for the pupils. I also hope that bringing CLIL to non-language lessons can be an effective way of learning other school subjects. The children within the school are generally the mostly bright, respectful and giving that I’ve ever met in such a small community. My greatest wish as I leave them behind is that they maximise their potential and help build the new generation of Czechs who will come out of the shadows and shine in the international arena – individually I see future scientists, politicians, sports stars, movie starts, journalists, globetrotters, etc and one day they will use English when they accept their global awards. You are all superstars in my eyes so reach for the sky – everything is possible!

Saman Tuduwage