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Basic information about our school

Our school focuses on foreign languages together with developing important skills and competences. The graduates‘ abilities and skills should be: assertive communication and ethical acting, ability to learn, understanding of long-life education, gaining current information, knowledge of two foreign languages, financial and reader’s competences. The school educational programme offers more lessons of English. Since the 6th class pupils can choose either lessons of the second foreign language (German, French, Russian) or a class with extended learning of ICT, Maths and Czech.

Since 2010/2011 teaching other subjects in English is offered: Craft in the 3rd class (using CLIL) and Geography in the 9th class.

Our teachers prepare pupils for German language diploma (Fit in German) – level A1, A2.

Our school is involved in the national competition (Debate league in Czech), developing pupils‘ rhetoric communicative assertive behaviour. The school provides education also to pupils settled outside the Czech Republic in the form of e-learning (the lessons are realized via computer – Skype).

Our school also offers afternoon activities for school pupils, for example: debating, young editors, speech therapy, chess, tourism, volleyball, English, German, French, readers‘ club, sports.

We regularly organize a week study foreign tours to England, France or Germany, and many one-day educational trips abroad or in our country. Our pupils take part in skiing course, school in the nature, adaptive course for the 6th class or camps focused on learning English with our teachers and the native speaker.

We take part in several projects oriented on our pupils, on our teachers and their professional development and projects that help us make our school a better place for learning by equipping the classrooms. Most classrooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard, we have a language lab for developing listening skills and ICT classes. Children with special needs as well as talented pupils can follow an individual plan of their education.

Our graduates have a high chance of being accepted to grammar schools, thanks to the extended number of Maths and Czech in the last two years of their study.

The school cooperates with elementary music school and many sports clubs – the classes are taught in our school and children do not have to commute to attend their afternoon classes.

The school canteen cooks lunches for diabetics and for pupils on a non-gluten diet.




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E-mail: vedeni@zsmladeznicka.cz